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Raissa Miller, PhD, LPC

Department of Counselor Education
Boise State University

Welcome and thank you for visiting. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Associate Professor of Counselor Education at Boise State University In this role, I engage in research, teach graduate level courses, and serve the University and counseling profession in various capacities. 


  • My primary research is focused on exploring the integration of neuroscience and counseling.

  • I have also developed research expertise in Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis and other qualitative methods 



  • I most frequently teach Lifespan Development, Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment Planning, and Motivational Interviewing.

  • I also teach/supervise clinical courses each semester - practicum and/or internship.

Professional Service 

  • Associate Co-Editor for the Journal of Mental Health Counseling

  • Past-President and current board member of the Idaho Society of Individual Psychology


Clinical Practice

  • I currently carry a small case load at the Boise State Practicum Training Clinic (Sep-May).

  • I have worked with individuals, groups, and couples in community clinics, outpatient addiction treatment centers, and private practice. 

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The Neuroeducation Toolbox


Combining scientific research with insightful literature, The Neuroeducation Toolbox: Practical Translations of Neuroscience in Counseling and Psychotherapy provides students and clinicians with a set of tools for integrating neuroscience into clinical practice. The text emphasizes the application of neuroeducation and highlights how this powerful intervention can reduce client stress, improve outcomes, and increase levels of collaboration between counselors and their clients.



A six-part brain wellness series - part of a larger  COVID-19 and Beyond training supported by a SAMHSA Block Grant funded by the Idaho Office of Drug Policy.

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